Sketch Types

A Sketch can be a complete work of art or a rough representation or outline of a planned drawing subject.

Geometric sketch

Geometric sketches are a good exercise and tool for drawing the human form in three dimension. By simplifying the human figure into spherical, cylindrical, conical and cubical shapes, we change the position/pose of the figure by simply adjusting the point of view of these basic shapes. Geometric sketches can be easily practiced with a wooden lay figure if human models are unavailable.

Gaining confidence in sketching through observation

Confidence in drawing depends on careful, repeated observation. By watching people and sketching them frequently, you will gradually build up a store of visual information about physical types, expressions and poses in a variety of situations. What is more, the act of translating this kind of information from the eye to hand to paper for different sketch types will become easier the more you practice sketching.

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