8 Exhibition Stand Design Tips

For any business, large or small, the exhibition and trade show scene is the perfect opportunity to generate brand awareness and meet prospective customers. Whether you are a trade show veteran or newbie, you want your exhibit to stand outside the sea of booths in the room.

  • Set Goals. Before you begin designing anything, set goals.
  • Maximise Space.
  • Go Tall or Go Home.
  • Don't be Text-Heavy.
  • Lighting is crucial.
  • Include Graphics.
  • Consider different materials.
  • Include Tech.

However, recording the attention of your target audience starts long before the trade show starts. It begins with the exhibition stand design.Also a crucial factor is to make a very intensive research when looking for a trade show booth design company

In this blog post, we’ll unveil the secrets to making sure your exhibition booth is successfully appealing and constitutes a significant impact in your next trade show or conference.

  • Generating leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate Product sales
  • Attract Visitors
  • Promote products and services

Know your target audience. As a marketer, you already know just this adage all too well. But sometimes even the best of us forget to keep grounded in our audience’s perspective when inspiration strikes. Keep your audience in mind with every design decision to ensure the final output resonates strongly with them.

Establish the emotion you want targeted traffic to feel. How do you want the people that visit your booth to feel when they walk away-excited, relaxed, trusting? It's really a traditional feeling or a more abstract concept. Either way, design with that feeling in mind. For example, at one of our trade shows, we would have liked visitors to think, H&P is super cool, and I enjoyed my time inside their booth. So we incorporated a few interactive activities like a Tetris game and a wooden puzzle bar, where visitors could sit and spend time with us while lightly engaged in gameplay.

Give visitors choices for interacting with your brand/team. Keeping in mind your audience, consider several ways they can interact with your team. For example, while your first instinct might be to make everything at the booth digital, not everyone responds the same to a digital-centric experience. Consider some analog activities for visitors who either aren’t tech savvy or just want the opportunity to disconnect.

Be purposeful and artistic with giveaways. Attendees know the difference in between prizes you’ve bought for attention versus items that tie in with your brand. Swag should be memorable, meaningful, and on-brand.

Train your booth staff well. Nothing ruins an incredible booth experience like technical issues and untrained staff. In case your booth team doesn’t know how to work the tools you’ve set up or is uninformed about what they ought to be doing and when, your visitors will leave with negative impressions. Ensure all your staff members are up to speed.