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Learning how to draw is a great way to express oneself artistically. It is a skill that most people wish they had but few people spend time developing. In fact, talent is commonly understood to be some kind of elusive quality but this is simply not true. Even child prodigies must dedicate themselves to the highest degree. You wouldn't expect to speak a second language, play an instrument or new sport well from the start. Although we certainly wish we could, it's just not possible. The fact is, very few people are born with the gift to draw well. The vast majority of us must learn how to draw by studying technique and practicing diligently.

By enrolling in Drawing Professor's online drawing course you will learn how to draw both basic and advanced subjects. Our course curriculum covers a broad scope of topics and our lessons are comprehensive. With Drawing Professor, you will not just learn how to draw basic shapes, you will learn about perspective, proportion, shading, composition, figure drawing and much more.

Drawing Professor is an online introductory drawing course developed by a team of fine arts professionals and design specialists. The course offers over 100 pages of text, hundreds of images and a dozen video-based lessons that effectively help people learn how to draw.

Our interactive online drawing course is organized into 14 outcomes-based lessons, packed with theory and practical exercises. At the end of each lesson is a quiz and final assignment to help reinforce the concepts covered within each lesson. Students are encouraged to submit their assignments to our student community where they will receive personalized professional feedback from members of the Drawing Professor team.

When you have completed the course you will have learned how to draw to the point where you can start your own portfolio. You will also receive a personalized course completion certificate to honor your achievements.

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