How to Draw People

Learning how to draw people is considered by many artists to be the ultimate challenge because it incorporates all that one learns about shapes, perspective, shading and proportion. Moreover, it is a subject matter with which both artist and viewer are intimately familiar, therefore even minor mistakes are much more noticeable, further adding to the challenge.

When drawing people, it is common to make errors involving proportion.  Although proportional guidelines for the human figure exist, the art of observation carries great value in how we draw people since every person is unique in shape and size.

When learning how to draw people, special attention must also be paid to light and shadow as they play an essential role in the creation of three dimensional form. Notice the effect of shading in the drawing below. If you are up to the challenge, go ahead and see if you can recreate this drawing yourself. If not, keep reading for more drawing tips to follow.

Life drawing and figure drawing are other terms used to describe the study of people and how to draw them. The act of observing people around you and transcribing their figure and emotions to the page can be truly intriguing and insightful.

However, in order to learn how to draw people, there are many drawing subjects one must first comprehend well; how to draw three dimensional shapes, drawing in proportion, perspective drawing and how to shade effectively, to name a few.

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